Welcome to Hayes Company!
A modern and minimal boutique in Boise, ID.


Hayes Company was founded in 2018 by Janie Hayes. A Boise native, Janie's passion for the fashion industry drew her to Orange County to pursue a degree in Merchandising. After studying with numerous designers in Southern California, Janie is excited to launch Hayes Company Boutique back in Boise.


Janie's pride and joy is to provide you with high quality garments and accessories that make you feel confident, beautiful and unstoppable. Yearly trips to Europe and attending conventions, Janie is always searching for unique brands that promote our planet's health and community growth. She currently works with labels that practice sustainability and give back to their local communities. 


Hayes Co will be opening their first brick and mortar store in Downtown, Boise ID on June 16th. They are located at 1020 W. Main St. Unit 111, Boise, ID 83702.